Offers & Benefits
Our great range of offers and benefits
BA Clubs members enjoy a wide range of offers and benefits, some are not available to the public. Many of them offer the opportunity to make significant savings
Check out our Perks at Work shopping portal, private medical insurance from AXA Health, financial advice from Lighthouse Financial and personal finance options with PlaneSaver Credit Union.
Perks @ Work We have partnered with Perks @ Work to give you access to a broad range of perks that can save you money and help with your overall wellness. It’s free for BA Staff and BA Clubs members and their families and can save you time and a significant amount of money each year

Perks @ Work is an exclusive shopping platform that lets you save online, in-store and via your mobile. You get access to private discount pricing on your favourite brands, travel, everyday items, electronics, cinema tickets and more

Whether you're buying food, booking a weekend getaway or purchasing a laptop, Perks @ Work has negotiated with thousands of merchants to offer the best value as part of a closed network

More than just discounts

Get instant access to Community Online Academy (COA), a free resource of live and on-demand classes for both adults and kids about wellness and personal development.

Live Classes— 50+ virtual courses focused on learning and fun.

On-Demand Classes— Access to over 2,500 videos classes on dozens of topics.

Join the community to get healthier and smarter
Healthcare BA Clubs are pleased to be working with AXA Health, to provide our members with a special offer on their private medical insurance

For more information, follow this link
Offline Offers In addition to the discounts available through Perks @ Work, from time-to-time BA Clubs offers a number of special deals. These deals have been negotiated for members either through Perks @ Work or as Exclusive offers. Please us the link below

Note that some of the offers require you to be BA Staff, whilst others may ask for proof of BA Clubs membership 
Lottery BA Clubs operates a monthly lottery with nine cash prizes drawn each month every month. The first prize is in excess of £6,000 (correct at time of publishing see recent winners for updates)

Each chance costs £1 payable annually in advance but there is an option for monthly payments which is only available if four or more chances per month are selected. The limit for the number of chances per month is 30 

For more info and joining click below or contact BA Clubs membership team.

Registered with the Gambling Commission 
Financial Services BA Clubs have partnered with Quilter Financial Advisers to offer members access to expert financial advice. Members can get a free initial consultation with no obligation. Savings, investments, pensions, mortgages, paying for healthcare and inheritance are just some of the areas that can be covered in your free consultation
Credit union Plane Saver Credit Union improves the financial well-being of the people they serve through a range of flexible savings and affordable loans. Plane Saver Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial co-operative, owned and controlled by its members with over 12,000 members and have lent over £100 million to date. They offer an easy way to save and a flexible way to borrow direct from your pay. Make sure you don't miss out