Former BA Staff
Check out the benefits available to former BA and IAG staff
BA Clubs provide a number of member services to former BA Staff
One of the most popular services is a subscription to the Hotline programme of discounts on selected BA flights and BA Holidays. It is called Hotline for Formers and is available to former BA staff with a qualifying length of service. More details below

This page also contains information about the Retired Staff Association (RSA) and Former Staff Liaison Council (FSLC), details of some former staff social groups that operate on a regional basis, and a link to the Obituaries list published monthly by BA Pensions

At the foot of the page we have a set of Frequently Asked Questions for former staff. If you have a query, do check to see if it is answered here
Hotline for Formers Hotline for Formers is a programme that allows former BA Staff with qualifying service to access the Hotline programme which offers discounts on selected airfares and BA Holidays. Application is online only, please click the button below. Membership is £50 year and renews automatically. Terms and Conditions apply.
Retired Staff Association The Retired Staff Association (RSA) was formed in 1962 by British European Airways (BEA) to provide the opportunity for retired staff to meet socially and travel together. The office of the RSA is located in the British Airways Distribution Centre near Hounslow. The committee is run entirely by retired staff volunteers who also offer help and support to their members
Former Staff Liaison Council The former Staff Liaison Council (FSLC) is a voluntary organisation that represents the interests of former staff to the management of British Airways. The FSLC is recognised by BA as the representative body of former staff.  More details, and how to get involved, can be found on the link below
Social Groups Former staff operate a number of social groups, several of them based in regions.

 These are a great opportunity to stay connected with other former employees.

Full details of groups, their meeting schedules and how to get in touch can be found on the RSA website here
Absent Friends Many users of this site appreciate the ability to access news of friends and colleagues who have passed through the Departure lounge for a final time

Here are the links to the Obituaries of former staff, courtesy of the BA Pensions website:

For NAPS click here

For APS click here

Former BA Staff FAQs
We have drawn up a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will help many Retired/Former Staff - please scroll through the list to see if your question can be answered here:
1. Can British Airways help when former staff experience financial hardship?
2. How do I notify British Airways of Changes to my Personal Details?
3. How do I apply for a Retired or Former Staff ID Card?
4. I am a BA Pensioner but my ID Card Says Former Staff, can I get a Retired ID card?
5. What is Employee Self Service (ESS) and how do I access it?
6. What are my User ID and my Password?
7. How do I set-up or change my Security Questions?
8. What Happens if I Forget my Password?
9. Where can I find information regarding Staff Travel or other Employee Self Service (ESS) procedures?
10. I believe I am eligible for Staff Travel as Former Staff, how do I get started?
11. I am a Widow/er of a Former Staff Member with active Staff Travel Concessions, can I apply for Staff Travel tickets online?
12. Can a Widow/er of a Former Staff Member with active Staff Travel Concessions apply for an ID Card?
13. As a Former Employee who is not Eligible for Staff Travel Concessions, can I book Hotline Tickets?
14. Is Hotline Restricted to just Staff Travel Nominees?
15. Are Former Staff eligible for Cargo Concessions?
16. My Joining Date is wrong in my booking; how can I correct it?