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BA Clubs Monthly Lottery
With the BA Clubs monthly lottery, nine cash prizes are drawn each month, with a first prize of up to £6,000 [correct at time of publishing, see recent winners for updates]

The monthly lottery is open only to BA Clubs members and joining could not be easier. Since it began , over £2.5 million in prize money has been given away, so what are you waiting for?

Apply here indicating the number of chances you’d like each month, and we’ll do the rest. Each chance costs £1 per month, payable annually in advance. There is an option for monthly payments which is available if four or more chances per month are selected. The limit for the number of chances per month is 30

The draw takes place on the fifteenth of each month, or nearest weekday thereafter, and a list of winners is published on this website soon afterwards 
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Results for May 2024

TINA BLOSSOM                         

Winning Lottery Number: 139086


Second Prize, £254 each

COLIN O'SHEA                           
Winning Lottery Number: 104169                                                 

Winning Lottery Number: 103458                                            

LIANE SHAW                             
Winning Lottery Number: 101479

MOHINDER LUDHRA                 
Winning Lottery Number: 108260


Third Prize, £127 each

LIANE SHAW                                      
Winning Lottery Number: 101485                                      

NICOLAS O'DONNELL                          
Winning Lottery Number: 206658   

DEBORAH ALEXANDER                       
Winning Lottery Number: 132982                                         

Winning Lottery Number: 136438

Lottery : How to Join The Lottery is restricted to paid-up members of the Club who have completed the relevant application form and are over 18 years of age

The Lottery is conducted under an Operating Licence granted by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005 and is subject to the Commission’s Licence Conditions and Code of Practice on lotteries and also BA Club’s own policy on gambling and social responsibility, a copy of which is available from the Clubs’ office and also on the BA Clubs’ website. Further information on lotteries and lottery conditions can be obtained from the Gambling Commission’s website:

Gambling Commission Licensed Status - Licensee name – BA Clubs Ltd - Account No – 7651