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By invitation only - discounts on flights, shopping and services
Altitude Plus : By Invitation Only
Join our premium category and get access to discounted BA flights and an online portal with thousands of retailers, including big brands
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Altitude Plus : About Altitude Plus is a membership category of BA Clubs offered to select organisations by invitation only. Once an organisation is enrolled, its members can use their code to apply for membership and create their direct debit instruction for the annual fee

Please take a moment to read the description of the benefits of this programme before proceeding to the online enrolment link at the foot of this page

There are two principal benefits of membership:

1. Access to discounted airfares with BA. Please read the section below for more details on this

2. Access to an online discount shopping portal. Over 4,000 retailers are registered on this programme and include renowned High Street retailers such as Marks & Spencer, PC World, Waitrose, Samsung and most of the major supermarket chains - so you save while you shop. There is also a cinema offer with up to 44% off cinema tickets and an app that lets you jump the queue!
Altitude Plus : Discounted BA flights and BA Holidays One of the key benefits of Altitude Plus is access to discounted BA flights and BA holidays. Here are the key points:


  • BA offers reduced fare seats to staff and BA Clubs members and their friends and family
  • Discounts also available on BA Holidays
  • Discounts are dynamic and vary according to demand – generally 10%
  • Bookings made through special access to BA Reservation System, which automatically applies discounts
  • Use Avios via the Executive Club for further discount options and collect Avios points
  • Fair Use policy applies – 20 bookings per annum for up to 9 people per booking

Altitude Plus : Perks at Work shopping portal Perks at Work gives you access to a broad range of perks that can save you money and help with your overall wellness. It can save you time and a significant amount of money each year

What is Perks at Work?
It’s an exclusive shopping platform that lets you save online, in-store and via your mobile. You get access to private discount pricing on your favourite brands, travel, everyday items, electronics, movie tickets and more.

Whether you're buying food, booking a weekend getaway or purchasing a laptop, Perks at Work has negotiated with thousands of merchants to offer the best value as part of a closed network

Loyalty Currency
On top of the discounts, you get added value on your online purchases in the form of WOWPoints. WOWPoints are like credit card points that you earn and redeem like cash toward future Perks at Work purchases. There are no restrictions, and they never expire. In some cases, you can earn 10x WOW Points — that’s like getting 10% back on your purchase!

More than discounts…
You'll also get instant access to Community Online Academy (COA), a FREE resource of live and on-demand classes for both adults and kids about wellness and personal development.

Live Classes— 50+ virtual courses focused on learning and fun.

On-Demand Classes— Access to over 2,500 videos classes on dozens of topics.

Join the community to get healthier, smarter, support each other

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