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The Chess club welcomes all current and former BA employees.


British Chess Championship 2011
Micky Adams won the British chess championship 2011 held in Sheffield. Adams 8 1/2 beat GM Nigel Short 8 1/2 in the rapid tie break 1 1/2 - 1/2. Their head to head game at the normal time limit was a tense affair with Short building up a virtually winning position only to throw it away with one move a little before the first time control. The game was drawn shortly afterwards with Short having a passed pawn on the c file but a rather open kings position.

Other notable achiement was Jonathon Hawkins =3 with 8 points which gave him his 2nd GM norm.
The womens champion is Jovanka Houska who scored 7/11

ASCA Chess Tournament
The British Airways team are now officially the ASCA 2010 tournament winners having drawn their last home game against Lufthansa 3 - 3.

A full list of those who have contributed to this achievement will be compiled as soon as possible.

Colin Hughes on 020 8789628 or email

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