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Trout Angling

The section organises a number of subsidised Corporate events through the season at different still water lakes/reservoirs.  The section also offers the opportunity to trout fish at any chosen still water and receive a subsidy up to a maximum of six visits per person.Receipts with all detailed relevent information must be forwarded to Dave Bennett (organiser) or Tim Jones (Treasurer) by the end of February each year.  There are also several cups to fish for.

The section also holds a couple of sets of Trout fishing tackle that can be loaned to individuals in order that they can see if they like this type of fishing before they go to the expense of buying their own.

Roving tickets...6 off are available for members. Please make sure cost, date and name are included in claims, and forward to Tim Jones by 14th March each year.
Duncan Hill.  After purchase of trout from Dave Bennet (4 fish @ £30) the fish can be fished for up to the end of January.  Please ensure when your name is written on the sheets at the fishery BA is included, this will allow reconciliation of fish by Martin.

Booked events:
Trout BBQ - Duncan Mill - 2nd June

Please contact Chris on 01784245127 for all trout angling details and to register your interest.

Sea Fishing

Sea fishing trips subject to weather, are booked out of Poole harbour, Hayling Island (Langstone harbour on the Portsmouth side ) and Lymington.

These trips are a mixture of inshore for Black Bream / Sea Bass and deep-sea / reef, bank and wreck for Cod, Pollack, Ling and Skate.

Most trips are for 8 to 12 hours carrying between 6 and 12 anglers. Extra trips are booked when the fish are bitting !

Please Contact David Bennett for further details.

Boats booked for 2019 season - Click on link

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BAGSAC Minutes 19 October 2020

AGM Minutes - April 2019

Please note this year's AGM will be on 4th April at 1400 at The George (Wetherspoons) Staines TW18 4EE

Pete Williams - Chairman
George Brayfield - Secretary Tel 01932 84531
David Bennett - Events Officer & Asst. Chairman Tel 01932 844060
Tim Jones - Treasurer
John Hitt - Membership Officer
Chris Smith  - Trout Officer  Tel 01784245127 / 07586296297
Dave King - Web Administrator

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