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Notice to Members: Heston Centre

On Monday we met Imperial College to discuss the future of Heston Centre, our home for the past 70 years.
Sadly they informed us that they are still losing money in spite of closing the Olympus Hall, limiting Bar and Catering Wednesday and Saturday
The consequence is that from 1 st June we have been given notice that the main clubhouse will be completely closed which means there will be no bar and catering on any day of the week. It also means that we will be moving our BA Clubs office off site once we identify a suitable alternative.
For our part we informed Imperial College that the gym was losing BA Clubs Ltd money. It needs new equipment and a refurbishment and this expenditure cannot be justified hence the gym will also close on 1st June.
Some sections have storage within the main clubhouse and they will need to find fresh storage space. Likewise our trophy cabinet contents will need to be moved. If your section has anything on display please make contact with the Office to secure it a suitable new home.
Chris Byron
Chair of Trustees