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Lockdown Profile: Vanessa Rowley

Vanessa - BA Clubs

Far from the days of running the Reception at Concorde Club, Vanessa Rowley is now the friendly voice of Membership Services for BA Clubs. We thought it would be interesting to catch-up with her to discover how she is managing with the Covid-19 lockdown.

Like many of us, Vanessa is working from home whilst continuing to manage a busy family life. On top of that, she is showing us all that it’s possible to combine a busy life with a great fitness programme.

From her home in West London, Vanessa is steadily exploring the bridges of London by foot and bike (in fact, we’re wondering if she isn’t secretly doing The Knowledge!) and tells us that one of the upsides of the lockdown is that she feels safe enough to use the roads as there is far less traffic, and of course far less air pollution.

Once the early morning training is complete, it’s time to make sure her teenage children are keeping up with their home studies, before jumping on the many BA Clubs emails and phone messages that need attention on a daily basis.

Vanessa takes her morning “break” when youngest child Charlie signs on to his school for some 1 to 1 tuition, which gives her a chance to catch up with some household chores before preparing the family meals. Charlie has Down’s syndrome and has been completing some great artworks whilst at home, as well as getting to grips with a new Maths app on the iPad.

After lunch it’s back to BA Clubs work – Vanessa tells us that she is spending a lot of time helping members get the most out of the Perks at Work platform, where Members can make significant savings – all the more important in these challenging times (see more on this in other articles).

Vanessa says: “A large chunk of my happiness comes from my friendships and having WhatsApp group chats/posts with my book group and also the mums (now friends) of my son's Down syndrome football group (Brentford Penguins) have really helped too. So even though we've been unable to meet up we've been able to see each other (mums and sons) with photos of their activities and video clips wishing someone a Happy Birthday for instance.”

There are, however, some upsides to working from home – there’s no time or money spent on travel costs, and overall Vanessa finds the family is spending less as there is little opportunity for takeaways and casual coffee stops, both with added health benefits too!

So, next time you hear Vanessa’s friendly voice on the phone, or get a cheery email from her, you now know a little more about her!