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Former BA Staff


The British Airways Former Staff Liaison Council 

- Was set up more than 30 years ago as the group that BA formally consults with on all matters affecting BA pensioners and former/retired employees
- BA has committed to listen and respond to the Council’s views; in addition, the Council has the right to raise any issue of concern it has with BA
- Works alongside BATUC on matters that concern both current and retired employees
- Has a formal constitution agreed with BA
- Has up to 12 volunteer members, all pensioners themselves, from different parts of BA with a wide variety of experiences, skills and knowledge of the airline. 

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Background and Further Information

A number of retirees have asked “just who are you?” and “where did you come from?”.

The members of the Council bring with them a wide spread of experiences, backgrounds and knowledge.

We have members who have retired from flying, engineering, finance, marketing, commercial, ground services, corporate HR and purchasing. A few were managers and some have worked overseas.

Half of the Council have been staff representatives, some long standing and with senior TU roles.

We think and act collectively for and on behalf of all retired employees.

 How did we get on the Council?

A number of retirees have also asked “who voted for you?”. Up until many years ago there was indeed a ballot for vacancies on the Council.

However, retirees voted in small numbers and the cost was excessive when set against its actual effectiveness and the huge waste of unreturned ballot papers. Thus, recruitment was changed to a selection process.

Evidence from the past years has demonstrated that any supposed entry barrier has been lowered and a much wider cross section of retirees have come forward to make the Council a much more representative and broader group of people.

Selection also allows some minimum standards to be set and the best candidates to be selected. British Airways supports the process to ensure that the assessment and selection is run to the highest standards of fairness and equality.

The Council, however, makes the selection and appointment decisions itself and has indeed de-selected ‘sitting’ members. Four vacancies are declared every year.

New recruitment is by a selection process which permits the best candidate(s) to be selected.

 Selection Process

Any former staff who wishes to volunteer to join the council may do so at any time during the year. Your main ‘driver’ should be that you wish to help your former colleagues.

An application form may be obtained from and requires two fellow former staff to propose and second. The form may be scanned and returned to the committee secretary for processing.



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