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BA Clubs Lottery - Spreading the Sunshine - New Prize Structure

We recently ran a Member Survey to gauge opinion amongst our Members, and also to make sure we are delivering the types of service that you feel are most valuable in the current conditions.
One topic that arose was the BA Clubs Lottery, and we have spent time reflecting on how best to respond to the comments raised. As a result of this, we have decided to spread the sunshine a little further: from this month we will be increasing the number of winners. In order to maintain our regulatory compliance, this is how it will work:

Each month the Total Prize Fund is calculated as a function of that month’s takings; this will continue unchanged.
The Prize fund is divided into three categories:

 - The Jackpot
 - The Second Prize
 - The Third Prize

Under the new arrangements, the Jackpot will still be awarded as a single prize to a single winner
The Second and Third prizes will now be shared amongst four people for each category (i.e., four seconds, four thirds).
In this way there will be more winners of smaller prizes in the Second and Third categories. The number of winners each month will increase by six.
This approach addresses a number of observations that you made in the Survey and we believe that particularly in the current circumstances, you will agree that it is in everybody’s best interests to spread the sunshine as far as possible.