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Altitude Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Membership of the Altitude Rewards Club is granted automatically and free of charge to all serving employees of British Airways plc and its subsidiary companies who are resident in the United Kingdom, and to members of British Airways clubs affiliated to the Central Council of BA Clubs. BA former employees and retirees who do not wish to take out full membership of BA Clubs, may join the Altitude Rewards Club by paying the appropriate annual fee. Download a membership form here.

2. The scheme provides an opportunity for members to have access to the Altitude benefits outlined on the Altitude Plus, BA Clubs or Touchdown websites, the BA intranet and in BA publications such as Up To Speed. Neither BA Clubs nor British Airways or its subsidiaries shall be held responsible for the contents of advertisements on the website or in Up to Speed or for any failure of a participating company to provide the goods or services advertised, or for goods or services not being of an expected standard, or for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the use of such goods and services. Responsibility for such issues rests with the providing company.

3. In order to access ‘Altitude Plus’ benefits, each member has an account which is accessed using an email address and password. This account is non-transferable and ceases on that person becoming ineligible for membership benefits, for whatever reason. Members must keep their personal details secure as they allow access to their account.

4. Offers and/or benefits are subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended by the providing companies or BA Clubs at any time. Membership of the Altitude Rewards Club does not confer any rights of entry to BA Clubs premises or participation in BA Clubs' monthly lottery.

5. The Altitude scheme is administered by British Airways Clubs whose offices are at The Orchard, Hatton Road, Bedfont, Middlesex, TW14 9QT

6. Any comments or suggestions on the service provided should be addressed to the Chief Executive of BA Clubs at the above address or emailed to