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Female football coaching course

Could you be the next Hope Powell?

Concorde Rangers are always in need of good coaches, especially female coaches. We offer great support and great opportunity to gain qualifications and invaluable experience. If any female coaches are interested in the Middlesex FA course (details in Read More), please first contact Scott Buckley, Welfare & Membership Officer,

Save with Altitude Plus

You're quids in with Altitude Plus!

BA Clubs members and BA Staff have made some great savings with Altitude Plus - it's well worth your time reading more...

She's hit the Christmas jackpot!

She's hit the Christmas jackpot!

This Christmas was a very merry one indeed for the lucky winner of the December BA Clubs Lottery jackpot. Heathrow employee Mandy Sibley (pictured) scooped a cool £16,052 which is certainly going to come in handy at this time of year!