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Travel and Outing was formed some 50 years ago by a group of Engineers to arrange outings for their families.  Over the years it has expanded considerably and membership now consists of working and retired staff.

The benefit of joining travel and Outing is that all arrangements are organised for you, all you have to do is turn up.  As a group, for example the theatre, we get extremely attractive rates.  They are always for the best seats in the theatre and we pay around 40% less as a group.  The coach to and from Heston Venue is of course extra.  Group rates apply to many other venues which are passed on to our members.  We have the benefit of free parking at Heston Venue as that is where the coach picks up.  We have a voluntary committee who meet to discuss future events and agree outings/holidays we will organise in the future.  We welcome people who are on their own, they will find we are friendly and there is always someone to talk to.

We usually plan at least one event each month, either a theatre trip or a day out to somewhere of interest, plus we organise approximately two mini breaks, either in the UK or Europe.  We also have a Christmas dinner/dance at Heston Venue.

A regular newsletter is printed every month detailing the future events we have organised together with a booking form to enable our members to apply for a trip which is of interest to them.  We would prefer to send the newsletter by e mail as postage seems to increase at regular intervals but will post if members do not have access to a computer and printer.  The newsletter is also posted on the BA Clubs website.

Membership costs just £10.00 per year which covers partners. 
Membership starts in April of each year.


Dave Walker - Chairman
01276 681427

Norma Rhys - Secretary
01628 666270

June Rawlings - Membership Secretary
020 8737 5825

Newsletter April 2016

Travel & Outing Newsletter

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