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bactive logoAll classes are led by experienced, qualified instructors who provide an enjoyable and sociable environment in which to exercise. 

If you would like to download the class timetable for the following gyms, please select below:

Classes on offer at BActive centres include:

CALORIE BURNING… All exercise burns calories. The calorie burning ability of each exercise depends on the speed and/or force at which the exercise is performed.

SPIN/SPIN CIRCUITS - A 30 or 45-minute group class on stationary spinning bikes. These classes are extremely popular and provide a thorough cardiovascular workout, as well as helping improve muscle tone to the legs. Booking ahead is recommended.

BOOT CAMP - A class aimed at developing both all-round muscle tone and stamina. Catering for all levels of fitness, circuits are an excellent compliment to any exercise routine. Our specialist instructors will take you through a structured programme of exercises for a first class all-round workout.

BOXERCISE - A circuit based class that will include pad work and interval training. High in intensity… guaranteed full body workout. Learn how to punch correctly.

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training, with minimal rest periods after short bursts of hard work, this class will aim to help burn calories, tone the muscles and functionally train you to your body’s limits.

RELAX AND UNWIND… These classes will help you to unwind and reenergies and help to bring the mind and body into harmony whilst improving flexibility and relieving stress levels.

YOGA - Strengthen core muscles; improve muscle control, flexibility co-ordination and strength. Core stability is extremely important for everyone as it provides essential conditioning to help improve posture, balance and prevent/decrease lower back pain. 

TONING & STRENGTH…Toning your body is a great way to get your muscles conditioned and strong.

CRUNCH - This is a short 15-minute abdominal class. The benefits include greater support and protection of internal organs, greater trunk movement control and eased breathing (particularly exhaling).

KETTLERCISE - Is the most effective, stimulating, safe and easy to follow calorie blitzing, fat burning programme. It is designed to sculpt and shape your body and delivers a complete all body workouts.

BODYBLAST - If you want to tone-up the areas that so easily lose shape, then this is the perfect class for you! This Class includes an aerobic warm-up followed by a series of exercises designed to burn those extra calories and tone up those muscles. The session finished with a stretch section that aids relaxation and increases the flexibility of the muscles as well as lengthening them after exercise.

Our classes are very popular so please book in advance to avoid disappointment. To book a class please visit the Waterside gym or contact us by calling 020873 85065. If the weather is nice, we may even take the class outside!