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BA games

BA games

Team GB takes Gold in the BA games.

The first ever BA games was held at the Concorde Club on Wednesday 27th June 2012, with Team GB taking the Gold medal in a close fought decathlon of events against 9 other teams being represented by BA employees from around the UK.

Team GB represented by the engineers of BAMC Wales took the crown with a magnificent final dash to the line in the 1km team relay. Before the final race Team USA were 3 points clear, meaning a 2nd place or finishing within two places (excluding 1st & 3rd respectively) of Team GB would have won Team USA the gold medal. As Mark (Dolly) Dollman crossed the line for Team GB, he never knew that Team USA were gaining on second positions, however (Sean Campbell) for Team Netherlands finished ahead of (William Parker) Team USA to leave the first ever BA games to be tied. The accolade was decided with Team GB winning as they had won the most gold medals in the finals.

Earlier in the day, Team USA had won the archery competition with (Amit Kukadia and Andrew Long) scoring an impressive 226 points from a possible 300 points. Team Kenya (Leslie Thelwall and Elaine Stokes) were not to far behind with 221 followed by Gatwick Staff representing Team China (Graham Thompson and Dean Taylor) scoring 216.

While the archery was taken place the other 8 players in each team were taking part in a Touch Rugby tournament in a two group format with top position in both groups playing each other in a final for Gold and Silver positioning. The rest of the table would play against the same positioned team in the alternate group for their teams final position and points.

The touch rugby matches had both male and female competing on the same side with a tinge of competitiveness but good sportsmanship to boot. Team GB were arguably the favourites for the event with Rugby being the sport of the nation and members of their team playing Rugby for the BA Wales rugby team. The final did not disappoint with Team GB vending off Team USA 6-2. The try of the competition, however was scored by Team Germany’s Julian Knowles, (BActive Gym instructor) in the Bronze medal match. After picking up the ball he delicately kicked the ball over Team Kenya’s (Paul Dunn), and collected the ball and slid in for the only try of the match. Team Australia and Team India shared the points in the fifth sixth place playoff as an 8 minute game could not find a winner, and in the spirit of the game, both teams decided that 4.5 points each was fair reflection of the game.

After the first two events had finished, all the teams met up for a brief break, with complimentary coffee, tea and biscuits before heading off to compete in the individual and doubles events.

The first individual event of the BA games was the English Pool tournament. Just like all the other individual events, the matches were scheduled with two groups. Group A saw favourite Shaun Sehmi BA Clubs pool league player representing Team Russia have a shock defeat against Team Netherlands (Stuart Boyle), the result came as a shock with a few players asking the question, how did you manage to win as Shaun had shown some brilliance in other matches with a 7 ball clearance to boot. Truth be told Stuart Boyle took every available chance and left nothing open for Shaun.

Group A then came down to the final match. If Team Netherlands won they would have been equal top with Team Russia because Team Netherlands lost an earlier match against Team Australia's (Ian Cullen), If Team USA (Daniel Simpson) had beaten Team Netherlands then Team Russia would of won the league and Team USA would have finished in second. Team USA under vast amount of pressure sunk the black ball and Team Russia had scraped into the final with Team USA finishing in second place. Surprisingly due to Team Netherlands losing earlier to Australia they had sunk to fourth place in the league. Team Australia crept ahead of Team Netherlands due to the head to head result.

Group B was a lot more straight forward with Team China (Nigel Edwards) winning all his matches followed by Team GB qualifying in second place in the group. Both games for medals were settled with the best of three matches, Team Russia and Team GB won their games respectively 2-1.

In the sportshall the Badminton doubles tournament was taken place. Team Kenya (Leslie Thelwall and Paul Dunn) and Team USA (Amit Kukadia and Alistair Motion) had won their first three matches so had a final game playoff to see who would win the group and challenge for the Gold and Silver medals. Team Kenya showed their dominance with an impressive 15 – 8 win to win their group and play Team India for the gold. Team India’s (Imran Syed and Mohammed Din) were both accomplished badminton players and were firm favourites for the gold medal. Team Netherlands (Mark Ronald and James Bredin) and Team GB (Craig Morgan and Mike Dekeyser) had the most competitive match for fifth and sixth place with Team GB winning 14-15 on the final point of the game. Team India did not disappoint in the final beaten Team Kenya 15 – 5 to win the Gold medal. Team USA came through against Team Jamaica (Emmanuel Mukagatare and Peter McQuillan) 15 –4 to take the bronze medal.

Due to a last minute drop out, Team Russia were unable to provide anyone to take part in the Table Tennis tournament but that never affected the highly entertainment  matches that followed. The Table Tennis tournament took place in the BA Clubs squash courts with competitors being able to sum up their opponents by watching the games from above. The standard of players in the tournament were very high, Team Germany’s Julian Knowles claimed he was “a good holiday standard” but described Team GB’s (Paul Booth) and Team India’s (Nayyer Tamimi) “as another level”. Team Australia’s (Alistair Johnson) took Group A by storm only conceding 6 points in his four group games, which set up a final battle with Team GB. The final went to Team GB which had given them a crucial second gold medal of the BA games. Team Kenya’s (Phil Robert) took the Bronze medal in a 11-4 victory against Team India.

After a last minute change, the Welsh guards 1st battalion came down to the BA games to help with running the gym events. All the players who took part did not realise what they had got themselves in for when agreeing with their team that they would take part in the BA games Gym Activities. Before the event had started ‘Drill Sargeantt’ (Will Mclay) took all participating teams aside where he ordered in true army style, a 5 minute warm up routine. Forget about warm up, this routine would have knackered the faintest of hearts. Having said that all team competed amicably and even the two ladies who took part Team Germany’s (Kim Wells) and Team Russia’s (Clara Halket) competed well and were certainly equal in all aspects. Team GB (Jason Morris and Paul Thomas) nearly had a clean sweep with the physical events winning the Rowing, Sit-ups, Powerbag and Tyre Run challenge however Team USA’s (Adam Hughes and Peter Wilson) took the obstacle course but by only 0.03 seconds. The rowing challenge saw Team Germany’s (Peter Fryer) score the highest individual score with a magnificent 337m rowed in one minute. Team GB won the tyre run with a time of 1 minute 17 seconds beaten second place Team Netherlands by 0.11 seconds. Team GB won the power bag challenge by 0.04 seconds ahead of Team USA. Team GB also claimed the sit ups beating Team Germany by 29 sit ups.

After the physical events all the teams gathered into the Pavilion suite to take part in the final part of the gym challenge, The Quiz. The quiz was split up into three categories, (Food & Drink, Health & Fitness and the Olympic Games). The quiz was out of 25 points and each point would be added to the final total of the physical challenge. Team GB were leading by 12 points followed by Team USA and Team Netherlands. Team China (Adam Bartlett and Adrian Haines) picked up the highest score in the quiz with 17 points with Team Kenya (Adam Moquet and Gordon Smith) picking up 16 points. The final standings had three teams tied on 35 points and two teams tied on 29 points.

The teams all placed with the same points were then separated and finally placed by their answer to the quiz tie break questions, ‘How many medals were awarded in total at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics?. The answer was 958 medals (302 gold, 303 silver and 353 bronze). Team Germany guessed 1008 and were the closest out of the teams tied with 29 points and Team India (Manpreet Badesha and Shaun Brimacombe) guessed 500 and was the closest team to the answer with 35 points. Team GB scored 6 points in the quiz, but due to their dominance in the physical part of the gym challenge, they took their third gold medal of the BA games ahead of Team USA and Team Netherlands.

Darts was played over 4 boards with 10 teams playing 4 doubles matches each. Some players managed to get some extra practice in while waiting for teams to arrive from other events resulting in some rivalry banter! The tournament got under way with few teams managing to finish on a double for the first couple of rounds resulting in ‘nearest the bull’ shots to determine the winner, this was due to time constraints.   As confidence grew and the competitive streak kicked in, more teams were winning matches outright to give them maximum points. Group a, saw Team Kenya win the group with a crucial win in their last group match. Team Australia (Johann Fender & Cara-Mae Miller) were often the first team down to the double, but unfortunately they were not able to take advantage of that, which led to two defeats by sudden death knockout. Team India (Colin Hughes and Joseph Moore) were victors in Group B winning 2 matches outright and two matches by Sudden Death.

The scoring got complicated once all matches had been played as 3 teams tied for 3rd place, which had to be decided, in this case by all teams having six darts each, and the highest score would see the teams positioned accordingly. Team Australia came out on top awarding them a Bronze medal playoff match against Team GB (Mark Trew and Mark Dollman), which Team GB won. For the gold and silver positioning there was even disagreement on which board to use as both teams had their own favourite! Team India took the gold medal with a double finish. The darts tournament was a very friendly and sporting tournament and well done to the winners India!

The weather was doing the event proud, with the sun shinning bright, so as originally scheduled the tennis tournament was able to take place on the BA Clubs grass tennis courts, which was a first for most of the competitors. Group A saw Team USA (Timothy Cross and William Parker) win all four of their matches with Team Netherlands (Mark De Pellette and John Hubbert) a close second. In Group B, Team Germany (Shaun Crichton and Julie Hyde) and Team China (Dean Taylor and Nigel Patience) laid a benchmark that they were the two teams to beat. Team China would of felt unfortunate that they were in the same group as Team Germany as their match would have been a great final spectacle. Team Germany won their group and faced Team USA for the gold, where they came through strongly to win Team Germany’s first gold medal of the games. Team India’s (Mohammed Butt and Moses Obibi) were certainly the loudest on the court, but that wasn't the grunting after hitting a ball, but the mind games and constant banter in every match. Team Australia’s (Laura Culleton) had a nice red mark on her side, where Team Mate (Simon Shaw) hit a powerful forehand from 5 yards into her. The Ouch was greeted by laughter from the rest of Team Australia who had finished their matches earlier and came to support them in their final match.

With the Tennis last to finish the tennis players made their way to the Trubshaw’s restaurant to get lunch before leaving for the sportshall for the Dodgeball tournament.

The dodgeball tournament was a great spectacle, all 100 people plus the volunteers crowded into the Sportshall for what could only be described as organised mayhem. Now most people who fielded a team on the dodgeball court had barely heard of the Ben Stiller film ‘Dodgeball’ and so everyone in the room gathered round and listened hard, as Lee Evans, event co-organiser went through the rules. The few teams that knew about dodgeball were demonstrating to on-lookers.

Dodgeball is an actioned pack game crammed into 2 minutes, but also a game where the referees (Lee Evans, Rhys Harris, Scott Buckley and Jim Rose) needed to keep their wits about them. Jim Rose when walking off after the final game mentioned ‘that is the last time I moan about a referee decision, how can people cope with that sort of pace. The answer was ‘ they couldn’t’. It was down to the referee to be as fair as possible and hope all team took every decision well which they did.

The first few games were purely warm up’s, in the instance that some teams were feeling their way in the competition and trying to  and work out the best tactics. Team Russia were down to five players, Denise Ashton and Rukshana Chenoy who kindly joined the Team Russia team from Team China gave dodgeball a go, everyone could see the fear in the faces as Volleyballs came launching from one side of the dogdeball court, but they managed for most of the games to Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge.

Phil Robert from Team Kenya was not so lucky!! As he received a wayward ball to the face from a throw from Team Australia’s captain Johann Fender. The smash to the face came with many spectators smiling for the fact it wasn’t them. I would just like to mention a special well done for all the ladies who took part against players who on paper and in life looked a lot more terrifying than most BA employees who were involved.

In Group A Team USA won all four games followed by team Netherlands who had the youngest side out there. Group B was very close with Team Germany and Team Australia both winning 3 games, but due to Team Germany winning in the head to head, they faced Team USA for the Gold / Silver match. Team Jamaica beat Team Netherlands for the Bronze place followed by Team Kenya, Team GB, Team Australia, Team India, Team Russia, Team China respectively. The whole dodgeball tournament was a complete success with many players wanting to have a dodgeball tournament run in the near future. On behalf of BA Clubs, watch this space!!!

So with the other 9 events finished it was all down to the 1km Relay. Linford Christie ‘Olympian’ was ready on the starting line with the horn, the 1km relay was started and the rest is history.

Team GB were worthy winners with Team USA second followed by Team India who beat Team Kenya for bronze place. The BA games was a huge success with a FREE Barbecue to all competitors after the award ceremony, which saw Linford Christie hand out all the medals to the winning teams.

Finals Results and individual events:

Final Standings

  • 1st         Team GB*                              69                                
  • 2nd        Team USA*                            69
  • 3rd         Team India                             53.5
  • 4th         Team Kenya                           48
  • 5th         Team Germany**                    45
  • 6th         Team Netherlands**                45
  • 7th         Team Australia                       43.5
  • 8th         Team Jamaica                         36
  • 9th         Team China                            31
  • 10th       Team Russia                          20


  • *           Team GB finished higher on Gold Medals won
  • **          Team Germany finished higher on Gold Medals won



  • 1st         Team USA
  • 2nd        Team Kenya
  • 3rd        Team China

Touch Rugby

  • 1st         Team GB
  • 2nd        Team USA
  • 3rd         Team Germany

English Pool

  • 1st         Shaun Sehmi                                   Team Russia
  • 2nd        Nigel Edwards                                  Team China
  • 3rd         Nathan King                                     Team GB


  • 1st         Jason Morris   & Paul Thomas           Team GB
  • 2nd        Adam Hughes & Peter Wilson            Team USA
  • 3rd         Martyn O’Neil & David Struthers        Team Netherlands


  • 1st         Shaun Crichton & Julie Hyde              Team Germany
  • 2nd        Andrew Long & Timothy Cross            Team USA
  • 3rd        Dean Taylor and Nigel Patience           Team China


  • 1st         Mohammed Din & Imran Syed            Team India
  • 2nd        Leslie Thelwall & Paul Dunn               Team Kenya
  • 3rd        Amit Kukadia & Alistair Motion           Team USA


    • 1st         Colin Hughes & Joseph Moore             Team India
    • 2nd        Elaine Stokes & Neil C Smith              Team Kenya
  • 3rd         Mark Trew & Mark Dollman                 Team GB

Table Tennis:

  • 1st         Paul Booth                                         Team GB
  • 2nd        Alistair Johnson                                  Team Australia
  • 3rd         Phil Robert                                        Team Kenya


  • 1st         Team USA
  • 2nd        Team Germany
  • 3rd         Team Jamaica

1km Relay

  • 1st         Team GB
  • 2nd        Team Netherlands
  • 3rd        Team USA