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BA Clubs supporting World Down's Syndrome day

On the 21st March we celebrate World Down’s Syndrome Day. The date signifies the 3rd copy of chromosome 21 that all people with Down’s syndrome have. The global Down’s syndrome community including the Down's Syndrome Association, uses the day to help spread awareness and information with the aim of giving society a better understanding of the condition, which is the most common form of learning disability. One way in which they do this is through the #lotsofsocks campaign.  

Learn more about local Down's Syndrome charity 21&Co, and how you can support this great initiative here

The idea behind #lotsofsocks is that the chromosomal image of a person with DS looks like lots of colourful socks hanging on the line. People are asked to raise awareness by wearing fun odd socks with the underlying message being that it doesn't matter what the socks look like - they are all socks. Just like people with DS and people without - there are some differences but ultimately we are all the same - all human beings.