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Thursday update

Thursday update 28 April 2017

Apologies for this week's Thursday update appearing a day late but we were waiting on confirmation of some news.

Thursday update 20 April 2017: A Q&A session

The leadership team at BA Clubs is striving to keep all members fully informed about developments and has been aware of a number of questions that members have raised. To that end the Advisory group recently met Chris Byron (the Chair of the Concorde Club Charity) and Carole Farr (Chief Executive of BA Clubs Ltd) to raise some of these queries, plus others about the running of the Charity and its future. We captured the Q & A session and reproduce it here – we recognise that this is quite a long article, but as you will see the questions covered quite a broad range of topics.

Thursday Update: 6 April 2017

In order to keep Heston members up to date, we have been publishing an article each Thursday with latest developments.

Update on BACS (Direct Debit) Collections

The technical issue regarding BACS collections has now been resolved and we advise members that on 3 April collections will be made for both March and April, which will bring all payments up to date.